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2023 Summer EBT

Posted Date: 01/05/2023

2023 Summer EBT

This federally funded program is available to anyone; you do not have to be First American to qualify. Qualifying families will receive approximately $60 of free food per child per month for May, June and July. Benefits are placed on an EBT card (works like a debit card) that allows you to purchase healthy food during the summer months.

Participation in this program will have no impact on other government assistance you and your child receive.

Information provided by you on the consent form or any records obtained for this program will be kept confidential as required by law and will be used only for this project.

Once approved, Summer EBT cards will be mailed to the address provided, along with a list of participating stores. You will also receive a food card (shopping list) to help you identify approved food items.


Apply for 2023 EBT